Sunday 18 January 2015

Blood Angels Captain Conversion

It's a double Blood Angels post this weekend, with the last of my new-to-seventh-edition models I am building for an upcoming tournament. This guy started life as a Azrael, Supreme Grand Master of the Dark Angels and a gift from the archives of a departing co-worker who knew I collected "The Warhammers". Despite being around for many decades he has still not made the transition to finecast, making conversions a little more time consuming but thankfully much sturdier as a gaming piece.

Being an unexpected addition to my bits box and with no plans for a Dark Angel force in the future I was less hesitant in tearing out his heart (literally) with a rotary tool and replacing it with an artificer armoured torso. In game he is equipped with two of the relics from the new codex, an AP2 power sword, and a death mask which causes Fear. He cradles a helmet from the Sanguinary Guard box using a hand copied for an earlier project, and is mounted on a new 32mm base with parts from the limited Imperialis Basing Kit.


  1. I love the pose and how you've integrated the death mask. It's really cool!

    1. Thanks Greg! I am a little stuck regarding colour scheme but may try some gold armour as a first attempt then probablya red repaint...