Sunday 31 March 2013

Aloha! from the Pacific Aviation Museum

Aloha from Hawaii,

What better way to spend a long Easter weekend than on a tropical island in the middle of the ocean? In between sipping Mai Tais and catching a wave or two I also had the opportunity to soak up some Military History at the Pacific Aviation Museum.

The museum is spread across two hangars and is tagged on the end of the Ford Island shuttle tour, after the USS Missouri and USS Arizona Memorial exhibits. After a lazy sleep in we missed the early bird bookings and spent most of our time at the Aviation Museum which was particlarly memorable for a modeller as a lot of the planes were not restored, providing great insight into the ageing process of these machines.

The remains of a Japanese aircraft shot down at Pearl Harbour

Having visited a lot of military museums as a child it was great to revisit one as an adult, especially to see one which felt 'lived in' with veterans of the war present to talk with, and planes part way through restoration on display to the public.

Alas I am not much of a historian so I can't share many details of the specific planes, but there was everything from WW2 naval training aircraft all the way to Top Gun supersonic fighters, with a couple of MiGs and helicopters too.

I'll see you all back in the 41st Millenium soon, Malaho for visiting!

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