Sunday 17 March 2013

Shiny New Things

Nope, I haven't forgotten you all, just taking a bit longer than I thought on the Leman Russ. Instead of more WIP shots I thought I'd share a few recent additions to my hobby life, most notably an iPad Mini. This has enabled me to access all sorts of digital content (though I'm not yet ready to pay for certain things) and streamline all my blog reading into a very slick App called Flipboard. Here's a screenshot:

I have also purchased a couple of books for inspiration, and to prompt me in the right direction with my colour schemes and methods. I think I have jumped the gun a little and tried out a few fancy concepts without getting the basics down first, and I would like to expand upon the basic colour theory I can only vaguely remember from the 8th grade!

Returning to the iPad (which was acquired using Frequent Flyer Miles, no need to pay full retail for Apple in my opinion) I have also been trying out Paper by 53. This neat little sketching App is very basic, offering no zoom capabilities, layers, or importing of other images, but somehow won my heart over with ease of use (I have tried with my fat fingers and failed miserably, instead opting for a cheap stylus). It will hopefully be useful as a basis for mapping/illustrating future battle reports and general sketching of ideas, but in the mean time I used it to follow the 'Eavy Metal Non-Metallic Metal guide from the back of my new book.

A little rough around the edges, but a good indication of the sketching capabilities. Purists may hate it, but it sure saves having a cupboard full of art supplies! Who knows, I may even try painting this model in the future!

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  1. I think you'll like the Eavy Metal Masterclass book. It's like owning a neat cookbook... You can try out their "recipes", and later on, find that your own take on them work best for you. However, it gets you trying out something different from how you would normally do things.