Sunday 24 March 2013

Leman Russ Exterminator (Completed)

This Leman Russ started on my hobby desk in pieces and was a great opportunity to try out some new weathering techniques with pigments and glazes on a model that otherwise would have stayed in the bits box or been used as wrecked vehicle marker. After many weeks trial and error with pigments and fixers, it was awarded best Large Model (Sci-Fi) at Vancouver's Strategies Games Hobbies "Immortal Brush" painting competition in 2013. Entered as a random door prize participant I was quite shocked to receive the award alongside my Know No Fear diorama.

You can vote for this model over at Cool Mini or Not.

Behind the scenes: Weathering Pigments and Shading/Highlights

Overall it's about ninety percent of what I had hoped it would turn out like, with the spray coat dulling the pigments a little bit, and the metals not quite how I'd like them to look. The rust streaks and paint chips far exceeded my expectations, and I look forward to trying them again on future models. The decals were mandatory to have this guy finished in a reasonable amount of time, as he was sitting around too long while I debated about freehand designs, locations, striping and so on.


  1. Looks awesome. The colour modulation and weathering turned out great.

  2. Thanks Kelly, the focus was replicating the weathering (as inspired by your Rhino), but the real victory was indeed the colour modulation!