Wednesday 18 September 2013

Bearer of the Word (Know No Fear Diorama #8)

This week I finally thrashed out the final colours for the Word Bearers in my Know No Fear Diorama. After a couple of false starts with metallics, I stuck with the flat colours to simulate the harsh lighting, rather than relying on the metallics to catch the light at the right angle. I want to be able to peer in and around the finished model without the reflections changing. I have a real problem with the phrase "non metallic metal" but I guess this is what I am doing, especially on the boltgun. Enough babble, here are the pics:

As a reference, here is the same model with silvery metallic edging along the boltgun. Not only does it pick up the less-than-smooth edging of the weapon, the 'intensity' of reflections changes as you move your head. A little bit of visualisation required this week, but I hope I am explaining it well enough!

I have had a great time using my new glazes to make the colours and transitions from light to dark appear 'even', transitioning to dark washes on the edges and a little blue glaze to keep things 'cold' and spacey! Instead of using orange to highlight the red I stuck with gray, working from a very pink basecoat then glazing down to red. As another visual aid, here is the basecoat before glazing on the next Word Bearer:

I'm starting to really enjoy this project now there's some colour involved! See you next time.

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