Saturday 21 September 2013

Don't lose your head! (Know No Fear Diorama #9)

Things have been rolling along nicely with the painting of my Know No Fear diorama, with both Word Bearers now finished bar some small details and possible freehand work. I attempted a little of this on the shoulder of the Word Bearer below and wasn't too happy with it so I wiped it clean and applied a quick glaze to even the colour for the photos, hence the patchiness of the right shoulder.

My camera has a hard time evening the colours between photographs, and I am not a photoshop wizz, so the base reds a closer to the next photo in depth, somehow the shot above came out a little too saturated. I have attempted to make a distinction between the blood and armour colours by highlighting the armour with grays, and the blood with orange, and then glazing the blood to give it a reflective surface.

I have again used glazes to slowly darken the shadows, from red to maroon, browns and blacks, even using black paint on the darkest areas. I probably should have done the (yet to be started) freehand prior to glazing as it may be difficult to match the transitions. My plan is to assemble the full scene before adding details where there are too many flat areas.

Finally, I have a shot which almost matches the cover art in angle, and with a little imagination you can almost picture Roboute Guilliman's fist passing through the space formerly occupied by the conjoined torso and head of the Word Bearer. This week's challenge is matching the light/dark contrast on the Ultramarines using blue, a colour I am not very experienced with. Wish me luck!


  1. This is coming along VERY well.

    1. Thanks Kelly, I am really enjoying painting the blue armour on the next model, especially against the red blood!