Tuesday 17 February 2015

Completed: Blood Angels Attack Bike

Due to my work shifts this month, a vacation day off, and a statutory holiday I have spent the last eight out of ten days painting. My lower back is grumbling but my army is about 50% finished, the rest base-coated and at least half have their shading and weathering completed. With only three days of painting left next week before the tournament it will be tight, though I did spend an extra few hours today getting a game in against a multiple bike squad Ultramarines army complete with Invisible Centurions, Chapter Master on a Bike, and Corteaz who shot my Drop Pod and cargo out of the sky on my first turn and proceeded to immobilise everything else turn two. A good challenging game going into a tournament for sure!

As with my recently completed Furioso, this guy started life as a well-used metal model on which I attached a new plastic bike and rider. There was an awful mold line down the front of the sidecar which I painted into a large scratch, and disguised the same problem on the helmet by painting the Blood Angels logo. I am avoiding any object light source blending while there are still unfinished models in the army, and instead had some fun free-handing the markings on the shoulder pads, bike and tactical display on the bike console. I am really happy with how the base turned out, as I used some brown and green pigments to break up some of the harsh dry-brushing lines.

For now it's back to edge highlighting my Drop Pod, it sure feels like more than five panels!

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