Monday 23 February 2015

Painting Daze

It's been a busy two months since I bid farewell to my Necrons mid-December and welcomed the new 32mm bases and Blood Angels back to my hobby area and figure case in preparation for Gottacon 2015. With two days left this week to finish my army the pressure is on, and all I want to do is laze in the near-Springtime sunshine! I have spent the past eight weeks converting and painting at home, at work, at the local GW, had vivid dreams about hordes of unpainted models, and spilled more than a few pots on the floor (thank you oxy-clean!). I don't have any more "finished" models to share with you this week as I am working to get every model to the same standard before returning to all the small details, so here are a few unedited and less polished photos that didn't make it to the blog over the last eight weeks. I think I'm done painting army sized projects for a while!

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